FrenchGlory® OPC90
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Each serving of FrenchGlory® OPC90 contains 90mg OPC extracts. It is one of the finest  nutritional products of affordable price, formulated by our world-famous scientist using French grape seed extract, French maritime pine bark extract, and French red wine grape extract.

OPC90 Helps Maintain Your Optimal Health

OPC90 is the excellent dietary supplement for people of health maintenance and optimization of the aging process.

It benefits your immune system, your heart, your skin, your bone, your vision and almost every aspect of your health need.

It is good for any adults, no matter you are healthy or have some medical issues such as blood pressure, heart problem, circulation, blood sugar, bone and joint.

Real people & their identities for FrenchGlory® OPC

We have a strong scientific and management team in France who are behind the OPC raw ingredients of FrenchGlory® OPC: the real people with public identities!

The most transparent scientific specifications

Our OPC ingredients for OPC90, OPC110 and OPC150 are backed by solid and unmatched scientific data published for EVERY ONE to read, while our competitors don't even dare to disclose their specifications in their websites for the public to view.

Remember the FrenchGlory® Brand

Please remember that FrenchGlory® brand OPC150 and OPC90 products are the best. Do not be confused by other brand names, under which OPC-150 OPC-90 are also used.

Red Wine Extract OPC Containing Resveratrol

FrenchGlory® OPC90 Is a Super Antioxidant Product of Great Taste

FrenchGlory OPC90 on sale
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