The quality of a grape seed extract product can be measured based on its content of OPC (Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidins). Vitaflavan® French grape seed extract is distinguished from any other competing ingredients in quality with the most highly concentrated OPC, and is the best product free of health-harmful high polymeric proanthocyandines.

The antioxidant quality of Vitaflavan® grape seed extract OPC is characterized by 3 parameters:

polyphenol > 96%;
oligomers (dimmer to pentamer) > 75%;
monomers ~ 22% on the GPC scale;

Technical Information of Vitaflavan®

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Vitaflavan® Grape Seed Extract Is Approved by the US FDA

Vitaflavan® grape seed extract is a dietary supplement ingredient approved by the US FDA for import from France. It has been demonstrated safe and effective as an antioxidant. There have been more than a thousand of published scientific studies indicating a variety of health benefits of grape seed extract.

It should be noted the health benefit claims for disease treatment and prevention have not approved by US FDA, even though grape seed extract is safe and has no side effect for most people with potentially enoumous help to your health. Grape seed extract is approved by the US FDA as a dietary supplement ingredient.

Vitaflavan® grape seed extract is among the 3 OPC ingredients in FrenchGlory® isotonic OPC supplement.

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About DRT Nutrceutics
- the manufacturer of Vitaflavan® Grape Seed Extract

DRT (Dérivés Résiniques et Terpéniques) was created in 1932 as an independent family-owned business. It is headquartered in Southwestern France, at the heart of the “Landes” region.

DRT has experienced exponential growth and currently employs 1,300 people, including more than 600 outside of Europe. As an international market player and family-owned business, DRT’s roots are in France. DRT is commited to its diversification, its international development and its commitment to innovation. DRT has since grown to extend beyond French borders; today, more than 80% of the company’s turnover is generated in foreign markets. DRT’s strategy for growth in all of its businesses is driven by ongoing investments in its three French production sites as well as in its different sites across the globe.

For more information on DRT nutraceutics, please visit its web site for the very detailed product specifications of the highest content OPC in the grape seed extract ingredient. DRT uses a unique brand name Vitaflavan® for its grape seed extract of the unmatchable quality in the world.   

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Vitaflavan® Grape Seed Extract as OPC Supplement & Super Antioxidant of the World-best Quality