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Preliminary scientific studies indicate that grape seed extract exhibits activity to inhibit angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE), which causes a contraction of the blood vessels and constrict blood flow. Grape seed extract may help to improve blood flow by affecting the ACE hormones - angiotensin.

Grape seed extract was also demonstrated to activate the production of friendly nitric oxide (eNOS) by turning on the enzyme (nitric oxide synthase) that helps to make it, which may cause a relaxing effect in the arteries, helping blood flow more easily.

Researchers at the University of California Davis, Department of Internal Medicine demonstrated that the effect of grape seed extract in doses of 150 mg and 300 mg per day on blood pressure in patients with metabolic syndrome.

Researchers at UC-Davis investigated 27 adults with metabolic syndrome over a four week period. Both 150 mg and 300 mg grape seed extract doses found to lower blood pressure; systolic was lowered 11-12 points, diastolic was lowered 7-8 points. Additionally, the 300 mg dose of grape seed extract reduced the amount of damaged LDL cholesterol that may have otherwise formed plaque in the arteries.  (Reference: Sivaprakasapillai B, Edirisinghe I, Randolph J, Steinberg F, Kappagoda T. Grape Seed Extract Lowers Blood Pressure in Metabolic Syndrome Metabolism. 2009 Dec;58(12):1743-6.

A nutritional benefit approved by FDA is that grape seed extract supports the health of normal blood pressure. Any sellers of grape seed extract as nutritional and dietary supplement are not allowed to claim therapeutic effects, as the clinical studies are very preliminary. The US FDA regulations prohibit the sellers to make any misleading claims for dietary supplement products. But US citizens are guaranteed the constitutional right of free speech to communicate any truth anywhere, at any occasions and for any purposes without misleading claims/statements.

Metabolic syndrome is a difficult health issue, and an approach for a complete cure does not exist. Metabolic syndrome tends to progress in the wrong direction as the time passes by. Natural products without any side effects may support healthy function of the human body, are gaining more popularity and becoming a common sense approach to help people in general wellness, including for people of metabolic syndrome.

Dietary supplement such as grape seed extract may have many beneficial effects. The good thing is that grape seed extract does not have any significant adverse effect. You gain the benefits or potential benefits revealed by science studies without health risks, as many prescription drugs have side effects.

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Grape Seed Extract Provides Health Benefits for Maintenance of Normal Blood Pressure