Popularity of Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract has been getting more and more popularity since its discovery by 1970 by French scientist Masquelier. The popularity has established in two ways. First, the positive effects of grape seed extract have been reported by scientists for a variety of medical conditions, while there is essentially luck of any adverse effects. It is safe for any one to take grape seed extract of good quality, with a broad range of potential health benefits not limited to being antioxidants.

Secondly, the human experience of GSE consumption provides the stimulation of growing popularity of grape seed extract. It is safe and effective for many health problems without significant side effects.

Health Benefit Claims for Grape Seed Extract
Vary in Different Political Regions

Drugs are any commercial products to be sold for disease treatment and prevention, and must be approved by the US FDA via its scientific advisory panel based on strict scientific criteria before the products can be marketed in the US market. Drugs are controlled almost at the same level in all the developed countries.

Nutritional and dietary supplement products are regulated differently in different political regions. Traditional practices of disease treatment and prevention based on empirical knowledge of plant natural ingredients for thousands of years are only recognized in some countries such as Australia and China, but not recognized in some other countries such as USA.

For example, in Australia, nutritional and dietary supplement products are classified as therapeutic goods under the term "complementary medicine". In USA, sellers of nutritional and dietary supplement products are banned from therapeutic claims for nutritional and dietary supplement products such as grape seed extract.  A grape seed extract supplement is not allowed to be sold for any benefits of disease treatment and prevention by the US FDA regulations.

Science and Civil Right of Speech Freedom

The US laws are for sellers who are trying to make profits from some health benefit claims. If you are an actual consumer, you have the right to say that grape seed extract lowers your cholesterol level and LDL. This is specially true that scientists and scholars can claim any drug effects of grape seed extract they may find in their scientific studies, even though the results are preliminary. There have been about a thousand scientific publications on the biological properties of grape seed extract for human health. Most of them are about positive effects of grape seed extract for disease treatment and prevention, using molecular models, animal models or human clinical studies.

Health Benefits of Grape Seed Extract for Educational Purpose only

Sellers are not allowed to claim the health benefits discussed in science, as the benefit claims have not been approved by FDA for commercial products.  However, consumers have the right to be educated (to know) about the knowledge in science without misunderstanding what the commercial products are sold for.

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Grape Seed Extract Health Benefits for Educational and Informational Purposes