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Our Mission

Isotonic OPC Antioxidants, Inc. is a science-based company,
promoting OPCs from grape seed, pine bark and red wine
extracts as the excellent nutritional supplement for all adults,
especially for middle-aged and older people, healthy people,
and  people of a variety of health problems such as diabetes,
high blood pressure, allergies, skin problems, bone and joint
problems, cancers, Alzheimer's disease, etc.†

Optimal health from OPC antioxidant supplementation is
crucial for every one to enjoy long-lasting healthy life an
d younger looking skin - the beauty.†

Isotonic OPC Antioxidants, Inc. has a mission to provide the consumers the best nutritional OPC antioxidant supplement products at the most competitive prices.

We guarantee the highest quality of our 3 isotonic OPC products.  We use the 3 best and the most precious French OPC ingredients, which are more transparent with published quality data than any other OPC ingredients worldwide.


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OPC as the Super Antioxidants

OPC is an abbreviated name for a class of natural chemicals called Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins Complex, commonly known as super antioxidant, 20 times stronger than Vitamin C and 50 times stronger than Vitamin E. The isotonic formula of OPC supplement is very unique and powerful for the most effective absorption in the human body and is the most popular among OPC consumers. The ideal OPC complexes as the nutritional product should be made from a combination of 3 natural product extracts – pine bark, grape seed and red wine extracts.

We Declare Everything with Confidence.
Our Competitors Hide the OPC Ingredient Information.

There are surely many other brands of isotonic OPC suplement products. One of them is extremely expensive from a multi-level marketing company, and many levels of their distributors rely on the high prices to make them rich. All other isotonic OPC products on the market are very low in quality by containing very little content of oligomeric proanthocyanidins. They use the raw OPC ingredients of unidentifiable sources. For your own benefits and before you buy, ask those sellers why they don't post the specifications and their OPC ingredient supplier(s) on their websites.

They are hiding the OPC specifications to avoid market competition. This is not fair to the OPC consumers, who want to compare the products on the market and to choose the best product.

FrenchGlory® guarantees the consumers the best alternatives to those competing products made of craps of unidentifiable soures.

Our OPC ingredients have the unbeatable best quality in the world, supported by published and scientifically tested data.
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FrenchGlory ® OPC 3 Antioxidant Products


FrenchGlory® isotonic OPC antioxidant products contain 3 native French OPC extracts: 1) Oligopin® OPC French maritime pine bark extract; 2) Vitaflavan® OPC grape seed extract; 3) ExGrape® red wine grape extract polyphenols. All these OPC 3 ingredients are made in native French companies with detailed specifications published in the manufacturers' web sites. Other antioxidant ingredients in FrenchGlory ® OPC supplement products include bilberry extract (anthocyanin complex), citrus extract (bio-flavonoids), etc.

Our FrenchGlory® isotonic OPC3 products of the world's highest quality are discussed through this site in details. 1) FrenchGlory ® OPC-90 product contains the 3 most precious French OPC ingredients in 90 mg each serving, priced at $42.50, as compared with a product from the multi-level marketing company priced at $69.95. 2) FrenchGlory ® OPC-150 supplement product contains the OPC3 ingredients in 150 mg each serving, priced at $58.00. 3) FrenchGlory ® OPC-110 supplement product contains the 2 best French OPC extracts (grape seed and red wine grape extracts) in 110 mg each serving, priced at $25.00.


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Science and Law Compliance

Many scientific studies are being conducted in investigation of drug properties that OPC may have in treating and preventing diseases. The claims of drug properties by scientists and scholars, however, are preliminary and have not been approved by the US FDA, according to strict scientific criteria. For example, it has been discussed in several publications of clinical studies on grape seed extract and pine bark extract that a daily OPC intake of 150 mg for 2 months reduced blood pressure and supported normal blood pressure. Grape seed extract and pine bark extract are both observed for the same results and do not show a significant difference by the published studies.

"Dietary supplement products are not intended to diagnose, treat, care for, or prevent any diseases," which is a disclaimer required by the US FDA regulations. This disclaimer is required regardless of the disease benefit claims by scientists and scholars in scientific publications and clinical trial reports.

In some other countries, dietary supplement products may be allowed to claim much wider health benefits as soon as there are competitive scientific evidence. The claims of health benefits vary in different political regions. As we are selling our products internationally, our resellers and distributors may consult their own governments for allowed health benefit claims.

FrenchGlory® OPC 3 ingredients are approved by the US FDA as dietary supplement ingredients so that these ingredients can be imported from France.
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We are committed to a full compliance with all applicable laws. And we have the confidence in doing so as our PhD scientists have all needed professional expertise. Our OPC3 dietary supplement products branded under our trademark FrenchGlory® are not intended to cure, treat and/or prevent any diseases in US. But we are allowed by the US Constitution on speech freedom to convey the information of fundamental studies in progress to consumers without making any misleading claims about our products. It is illegal for any OPC sellers to claim any drug effect directly or indirectly in US, regardless of published clinical studies, as drug effects have not approved by US FDA.

On the other hand, FDA has approved a few health claims for grape seed extract and pine bark extract. For example, "grape seed extract supports normal blood pressure" as a dietary supplememnt.

We reserve the right to correct any content in this website in case there could be unintended confusion or misunderstanding.

Dietary supplement may be used to treat some nutrition-deficient diseases. For example, Vitamin C supplement can prevent scurvy. Without sufficient intake of nutritional antioxidants like OPC, certain diseases may get worse. An optimal immune system requires balanced nutrition and may reduce the risks of certain medical problems caused by imbalanced diet.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration. FrenchGlory ® isotonic OPC antioxidants are nutritional supplements and not intended to diagnose, treat, care for or prevent any diseases.

FrenchGlory ® is a registered trademark of AmeriNutra, Inc. It is a mark of a single word derived from 2 words - French Glory.

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